Darien LEED Home: Supporting Local Industry

Trillium Architects' newly constructed Darien home is green in many ways.  Aside from being a LEED registered home due to receive LEED Platinum status upon completion, the house is full of not only sustainable materials, but also locally crafted materials.  Here is a breakdown:


~ The built-in furniture (frames and upholstery) was made in Cheshire, CT, with all organic or natural fabrics free of flame retardants and heavy metals.  The built-in seating cushion stuffing is an organic latex from Massachusetts.  The Dining Room table and Master Bed frame will be made by a craftsman in Bethel, CT.

~ The window treatments for the home were made of all organic fabrics (Belgian and Italian linen) by a stay-at-home mom in Trumbull, CT.


~ Many of the interior light fixtures were made in Brooklyn, NY.

~ The window hardware was hand-forged by a Massachusetts blacksmith.

~ A single 100 foot spruce tree from the existing property was a hazard, leaning in on the house- ready to fall and in need of removal.  From this tree, all of the window and door trim for the house's interior was produced.

~ The custom Dutch doors were created and insulated by a craftsman in Fairfield, CT.


~The crew of contractors on site made a promise to be good neighbors throughout the construction process. (Easy for these guys! They are 'great neighbors' before any promises are necessary). This promise included things like no smoking on the site, no littering, and watching out for the small children who lived - very closely- on each side of the job site. These guys would never have done anything but. You have never seen such happy neighbors who just lived through a 10 month construction job!