Bed Rest - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 8-8-11

Hello Everyone,

For this week our guys have been working on completing the basement. They sheetrocked yesterday and will be taping today and tomorrow. They will also be waterproofing the basement floor tomorrow.

Cliff will be out to complete the irrigation hook up this week.

Anthia and I have been working out the pavers for the parking pad and driveway apron. Anthia and Sam, I will send an email tomorrow if there are any price differences with the 4 styles we talked about and also lead times.

Jon will also be working on the punch list and trouble shooting anything that needs tweaking before the final inspection.

While Anthia and Sam are away, Jon and Dan will be touching up all of the paint.

Josy has contacted me about the solar panels. She can come down without them up, but it makes more sense for her if they are up. Let me know what you are thinking for a timeline on those so I can tell her.