Parking Pads - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 8-15-11

Hello Everyone,

For this week we will be finishing up the basement.

Peter Petrino will be out to hang the pendants.

Cliff will be out Tuesday to hook up the irrigation pump. Then Chris from Growing Solutions can come out to test his portion. Jon did want Cliff to do a walk through to make sure all of the plumbing was working properly. Anthia and Sam, if you have noticed anything, please let me know so I can tell the guys.

Attached are 2 more options for the parking pad. Our rep said Yankee and Millstone qualify for 3 LEED credits for reflectivity, raw materials and manufacturing. They can also get the tiles down to us in 3-5 days. Anthia and Sam, I attached the first sheet that I had sent over to you. If you could look through the options and let me know on Wednesday which tile you would like to use, then I can order it and have it delivered to the site.