Contractor’s Notes 2-28-11 - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 2-28-11

Hello Everyone,

This week the guys will be working on the windows in the front to be completely installed, all extra framing work to accommodate mechanics to be complete, an eave soffit mock-up done and approved, the chimney flashing and extension to be well underway and close to completion be the end of the week, all finish flooring to be removed and processed for reinstallation, tree removal and milling to begin this week.

Dean and Josh, the site supervisor, from B&D were out to the site today. A few points from their meeting with Jon today:

1.The radiator and grill locations are to be marked for approval on Wednesday.

2.Climate panels are to be installed throughout the ground floor, they have no intention of doing a staple up system. This process will be consistent; however, it will be a change work order from MFM. We will need to build the sub floor back up to an even plane. I will work on the numbers tonight and let you know what the additional cost will be on Wednesday.

3.Mechanic runs and equipment placement seem simple at this point but will require a small amount of boxing on the inside of a few closets. We will waive a change work order here.

4.B&D wanted it to be clearly known that the primary heat source will be the Mitsubishi mini-split forced air units. The hydronics are being designed to act as a supplement during extreme cold points of the year.

5.The condenser placement will need to be decided on within the month.

6.B&D has a schedule opening next week, so they can start the heating and cooling roughing.


A review  from the site meeting today:

1.   The central vac locations will appear on a revised drawing which will be distributed by the end of the week. There will be relocations and ports added. The central vac company had proposed 6 inlets, any additional inlets will reflect a change work order.

2.   One secret door will be installed to the maximum head height. The other opening will be framed and sheetrocked.

3.   Paver selection and site work including the garden wall will be developed over the next couple of weeks and will include a site meeting.

On Tuesday, Tom will meet Anthia at Trillium’s office. On Wednesday, at 10:00, we can have the site meeting to review the radiator and grill locations. We can also review the LEED questions that Barbara and Phyllis have. I will have the change work orders for the beam, widening of walls to accommodate mechanics and the sub floor cut back for the heating.