Fitting It All In- LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor's Notes 2-21-11

Hello Everyone,

The snow held up the guys a bit this morning. They will start working on the windows in the front of house (all of the new construction windows are in), Jon will work on a mock up fascia and eave detail for approval and build the front porch.

Peter, the electrician, will be out tomorrow to go through the electrical revisions with Anthia, Elizabeth and Jon.

Cliff, the plumber, will be out to do some more roughing.

Dean, the central vac, installer will be out Thursday.

As for the weekly meeting, with Anthia and Elizabeth being on site tomorrow that that will suffice for the week. Barbara and Phyllis, they are starting at 9 with the electrician and then going into Jon’s questions. I think it is your call if you want to be there.

As for the questions:

Jon and the subs are all asking about the first floor wall that they can run their wires, pipes, tubes, etc, up to the second floor.

We need to build out the rear wall at the top of the stairwell for the basement staircase.

We need some space in the wall facing the bathroom in the 2nd floor master bath.

In the master bath, the way it is configured now, we will need to install a header according to the inspector.

We want to verify PEX and copper.

A number of millwork questions that do not need answers right away.