The Tree Comes Down! - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 3-7-11

Hello Everyone,

We have a busy week in front of us!

The guys will be working on the mechanical room and the walls in the basement, finalize the basement stairs, build the fascia and eave overhangs to prepare for roofing.

The masons are doing the front porch, veneer work and both side entrances. The masons were able to find very similar stone to the existing foundation. They have also completed the chimney extension. We did have to knock the chimney down to the roof so that it would look consistent; there was no additional charge for that.

On Tuesday, O’Neill’s will be out to take down the tree in the morning (it was 30 mph winds today and that tree was dancing!) George the mill worker was out today and can receive the tree for milling. Jon gave him the cut list for the door casings. Jon can also take pictures of the tree tomorrow.

On Wednesday, Peter, the electrician; Josh, from B&D; Elliot, from Aegis; and Cliff the plumber will be out for the 10 am meeting. They are coordinating roughing locations and awaiting our OK on locations. That is what we were planning for the bulk of the meeting. If there is anything else that needs to be discussed, please let us know.

On Thursday, Jon and Anthia are going to pick out a kitchen hood and review tile layout.

On Friday, Jon is going to a Hardi seminar to learn about some of their new products and warrantees. Antonio from Pur2o, the water purifying/softening system will be at the store at 3pm to talk about his system. Everyone is welcome to come hear his pitch.