We are here to help you create the peaceful, light filled, clean and healthy house that will serve as home base for your organic lifestyle.

Enter a Trillium house and breathe easy.  Let the kids and dog lie on the floor.  Spend your weekends doing anything but home maintenance.  Enjoy the light filled open spaces. Brag about the fact that your utility bills average about $30/ month all year long.

At Trillium we design intelligent quality architecture and we endeavor to cultivate beauty and delight. We are trained in and highly aware of aesthetics and the human spatial experience. We believe in designing houses that you would be proud to leave your grand children. As unique as the people who occupy them; as beautiful as the natural world that surrounds them.

We believe in getting back to nature. The connection that we have with the land our house sits on can enhance our experience of our immediate environment and of nature at large. Deeper connection to nature and our immediate environment can lead to a deeper understanding of our impact upon our immediate environment as well as a deeper understanding of our house and how it works as shelter. The more our house works with its environment and the more we actively participate in the operation of our house as shelter- the longer the house will last.

We believe in healthy, efficient homes. We have done our homework on issues that are important to us such as the effects of what we do on the environment  AND the effects our environment has on us. Our homes have great capacity to impact our health as well as the environment. Our homes need to provide us with a safe comfortable living experience, but also they need to not contaminate us with toxins or allergens. We design houses using all natural, no- voc, non-toxic materials and we assemble them in ways that will not cause mold, mildews, or otherwise negative indoor air quality to occur.  This is what we do:

Energy Star. Home Energy Rating System . Green Globes . National Green Building Standard

We have goals and ambitions for our work. We may make suggestions to enhance and improve your project that are more environmentally responsible, resource efficient, cost effective or that will manifest a healthier outcome. If you would like to know more about these subjects just ask! We love to talk about it - and we enjoy sharing all that we have learned in our years of schooling and experience.

We are an 'Intentional Company'. We do honest work for an honest fee. One client calls it 'Fair Trade Architecture'. At Trillium Architects caring, high quality, well researched and thoughtful work is our base starting point. On top of that, we bring experience, technical excellence and creative thinking to all that we do. We work in a team format with our clients and contractors. We do not participate in adversarial or dishonest business practices. We believe that what you give to the world, the world gives back to you. We believe that part of building healthy, efficient and sustainable homes is maintaining a healthy, efficient and sustainable business atmosphere. We hope that our level of caring and thoughtfulness is apparent in all that we do. If you find anyway in which we are lacking, please let us know.


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