Making Things Pretty - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 5-24-11

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of communication the past few weeks, the kids and I are rebounding and back on a healthy path.

So, for this week, the painters are coming out on Wednesday to start priming all ceilings and walls. They would like to work through the long weekend when other tradesmen are not on the job. Would this be alright? It is easier for them to get the walls clean and keep them clean while they are painting so that others are not kicking up dust. If it is a problem, please let me know right away so we can rearrange their schedule.

The electrician will be coming out on Wednesday and Thursday to do a walk through prior to energizing the service. He will be testing all lights and switches.

The carpenters will be working on the front porch and working on punch list items like the ironing board. We are waiting on the floor and the trim, both should be in next week.

The front yard site work is just about done. All the infiltrators and cistern have been installed. They do need to finish the installation of the pump from the cistern and stub up the pipe for the irrigation company. They also need to install one 4” check valve. Jon will call the irrigation company today to schedule them.

Jon would like to meet on Wednesday to discuss the exterior finish details for the front porch and the 3rd floor panels. Elizabeth, if you could have those ready for him on Wednesday that will really help in keeping the job on schedule. Jon also wanted to know your gut feeling on the state modifications for the basement wall. Do you think it will stay put or move under the beam? If you could let us know, then we can have the alarm company and the central vac company install the remaining components.

We have been in touch with Loretta. I have sent her the specs for the exterior AC unit so that she can work on that design. We would like to start the masonry work on the front yard soon. Anthia and Sam, are you comfortable with the front patio Loretta has already drawn or would you like to wait on revisions?

As for the propane insert, Jon is verifying the chimney height today. For the delivery, they can bring it to the driveway and then our guys can handle it from there. The insert will need to be installed prior to templating and tile installation.

As for the Lazure artist, we will have those 3 rooms painted in Arctic White so that she can get in June 17th.

Anthia and Sam, I am working on some change work orders which you will see shortly. They will be for the following changes: the 2 additional infiltrators, the front patio, the laundry room countertop, the radon pipe, the trench for the propane tank and the HVAC condenser line. If you have any questions, please let me know.