A New Year ~ 2011 - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor's Notes 1-03-11

Happy New Year Everyone!

For this week’s rundown:

All week is framing. The goal is to have the 2nd floor completely framed up so that we can start in on the 3rd floor and roof next week. Weather permitting.

Our goal is to get the windows delivered next week, the plumber out the week of the 17th to start roughing and the electrician the following week to start his roughing.

For Wednesday’s meeting, Anthia does not have child care and would like it to be at her home. If that is still OK Anthia, would you mind confirming and sending us the address?

The topics we would like to discuss are:

Heating. We should have a firm decision within 2 weeks. Ruhnke is getting his numbers to me tomorrow so I can bring those to the meeting.

Roof. We would like to use 5/8” CDX and EPS.

Front Door. We plan on installing the windows and doors the week of the 24th.

LEED Checklist. How much is done and what paperwork is needed.


Anthia would like to discuss to lighting and hardware fixtures.

Does anyone have anything to add?