NET ZERO . Westport, CT

Built to conform to LEED Gold standards, this house in Westport was featured on the 2014 Green Homes Tour. The owners, a family with children, sought to create an energy-efficient, right-sized home that met their needs on a budget. The design’s farmhouse-like simplicity and clarity of line conceals a series of systems, which make the house as responsive to the environment as is it is respectful of its New England setting.


  • 46-panel 14Kw kW solar PV array

  • HERS Index: 20

  • Geothermal heating and cooling

  • High-performance building envelope

  • Energy Star home

  • Home equipped for owner’s 100% electric vehicle

  • Natural and sustainable building materials

  • Oriented for solar heat gain

  • Configured for optimal natural light

  • Built on compact footprint; right-sized with multi-purpose spaces to meet family’s needs

  • Size of project: 2,700 sq.ft.