Westchester Passive House

This home in Ossining, New York was an abandoned house.  The homeowners were looking for a place to call their forever home that was close to town, had access to sidewalks, and was in a neighborhood where they could truly live in community with their neighbors.  When Emily saw this home she knew she had found a house that needed her. She saw an opportunity not only to save the structure but to make it into a lean, green, living machine! Through the design process the team developed a vision for the project that includes:

·         A super energy efficient envelope, meeting Passive House standards for high insulation and low air infiltration

·         An all-electric house that can use current and future alternative fuel sources and could someday be fully self-powered

·         A small Air Source Heat Pump HVAC system facilitated by a great envelope that reduces the need for heating and cooling

·         A high efficiency ERV to ensure tempered fresh air and optimized indoor air quality

·         Rain Barrel Water Collection to care for plants without using municipal drinking water

·         A yard filled with wild flowers as a pollinator-friendly and eco-friendly alternative to grass lawn

·         A green roof to grow vegetables, reduce the burden of water runoff on the city’s infrastructure, and provide more outdoor living space on a compact lot

·         No VOC, No Formaldehyde, and Forest Service Certified finish materials to ensure a healthy indoor environment and protect the global environment

·         Potential one story accessible living that will accommodate aging within the community

Certification goals:

·         Passive House Version 2018

·         HERS Score <10

·         Energy Star Version 3.1

·         Indoor AirPLUS

·         DOE Zero Energy Home