Trillium Architects' Commitment


To play our part in making all homes healthier and more sustainable, we have made a commitment to the following values:

  • Design resilient homes: We will continue to build the most energy efficient and resilient structures as are financially responsible, and to evolve the definition of these as technologies and knowledge evolve. 
  • Exceed energy codes: We will continue to only design buildings that exceed the most stringent US Energy Codes.
  • Design for net-zero energy: 100% of our new homes will be Net-Zero or Zero-Energy Ready.
  • Use low-embodied-energy materials: We vow to select both construction and finish material of low embodied energy in regards to all categories including but not limited to: manufacturing, production, shipping, assembly, lifelong upkeep, and landfill potential.
  • Use healthful materials: We will continue to avoid using building materials that are detrimental to our health or our environment, including vinyl siding and spray-foam insulation.
  • Provide excellent air quality: We will continue to ensure there is excellent Indoor Air Quality in all of our homes.
  • Build for the future: We will continue to create ‘Forever Homes’ that people love enough to never want to tear down.
  • Focus on quality of life: We will continue to work together to create positive, happy, work environments, job sites, homes and gathering spaces.
  • Be an inspiration: We will continue to speak and write with the purpose of inspiring others.
  • Be the best we can be: We vow to never stop learning and growing, with the intention of always striving to make the world a better place.