Ridgefield Super Energy Efficient Lake House

A retired couple sought a compact, modern home that would optimize their beautiful lakeside site. Trillium Architects designed their home in a clean-lined, minimalist style which fit well with the couple’s budget. Making the most of the site, the home offers outdoor spaces on two levels, with large glazed openings that blur the distinction between indoors and outdoors, keeping the focus on the spectacular natural surroundings.


  • HERS Index: 28
  • Floors: R46; Basement: R54; Walls: R24.2; Roof: R46
  • Blower door test: 1.0 ACH @ 50 pa
  • Ducted mini-splits for heating and cooling
  • High-efficiency gas fireplace insert
  • ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) for whole-house ventilation
  • Untreated, low-maintenance cedar siding over rainscreen
  • Re-used existing foundation and stone chimney
  • Preserved existing trees
  • Size of project: 2100 sq.ft.