NET ZERO . New Canaan, CT

An empty-nester couple sought to build an expansive new home that incorporated a flexible accessory apartment to accomodate tenants or aging parents.  Thanks to the owners’ particular passion for energy-efficient systems, the home is Net Zero rated: it actually produces more energy than it consumes.


  • 19 kW Photo-voltaic electric system

  • Roofs optimized for PV arrays

  • Evacuated-tube solar hot water system

  • Heat pump/mini-split heating and cooling

  • High-efficiency gas fireplace insert for backup heat

  • 2 ERVs (energy recovery ventilators)

  • Blower door test: <0.7 ACH@ 50 pa

  • Wall insulation: Cellulose and rigid foam board wrap R28

  • Sub-slab insulation: R28

  • Windows: R9.8

  • Roof insulation: Cellulose R60

  • Project size: 6,000 sq.ft.

Additional information

BPC Green Builders: Description and specifications for the project