Your Overall Budget


Every homeowner is thoughtful of the budget - whether your project is a small remodel or a large second home. How much will it cost? Can you afford to do what you want to do? We are your partners in these concerns. Your financial concerns will be an integral part of the process. We make sure your resources are being handled efficiently and effectively. We will help you figure out how to get what is most important and to help you put a plan into place. We feel it is of the utmost importance, no matter how big or small the project, to start with a master plan. Whether you are only doing on a piece at a time or the whole thing it is important to have a clear path.

Your overall budget will include:

The cost of construction, and separately: the Architect’s fee (maybe 10% of construction costs), the structural engineer's fee (maybe 1-2% construction cost), a surveyor (maybe 1% construction cost),  town fees for permits (maybe 1% construction cost)

Other fees that MAY be required: any other  engineer's fees (for example a civil engineer for site drainage or a mechanical engineer for HVAC needs if needed) landscape designer, interior designer, alternative recourses consultants- like solar, geothermal or water collection- these trades may or may not be rolled into the construction fee.

If you are getting your house rated for LEED or Passive House or even a HERS score you will need to pay for the rating and certification of those things. The Provider services for a LEED home add approximately $4-6,000 to a job. Please see the various links on our Home Design and Construction Websites for more information on these rating systems.


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