PASSIVE HOUSE . Farmhouse Hudson Valley, NY


Nestled into a wooded lot in Dutchess County, NY, this super-insulated house gets half of its heat from the sun. And over the course of the year its roof-mounted solar PV array produces more electricity than the house consumes. The project included lots of locally-sourced and low-environmental-impact materials, including exterior trim made with recycled fly ash and oak flooring milled from trees felled right on the property. A rainwater collection system and root cellar help the homeowners to sustainably grow and store their own vegetables.


  • Roof: 16-in. TJI framing with 12-in. dense-pack cellulose/4-in. closed-cell spray foam (R-66 combined)

  • Walls: Double-stud walls with 9-in. dense-pack cellulose/3-in. closed-cell spray foam (R-48 combined)

  • Foundation: 3.5-in. mineral wool insulation/3-in. closed-cell spray foam (R-30 combined)

  • Slab: 8-in. EPS IX rigid insulation (R-40)

  • Windows: Triple-glazed, aluminum-clad, wood frame (013 U-value)

  • HVAC: Ducted air-source heat pump; ducted energy-recovery ventilator (ERV)

  • Water: Heat pump hybrid water heater

  • Blower-door test: 0.43 ACH50

  • 11.4kw solar PV array (with solar, home is net energy producer)

  • House orientation optimized for solar heat gain

  • Window layout planned to capture approximately 50% of energy needed for heating

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the house

Builder: BPC Green Builders

Articles, awards, and certifications

U.S. Department of Energy: Zero Energy Challenge - Housing Innovations Award Winner

Passive House Institute US: PHIUS+ Source Zero certification (i.e. generates as much energy as it uses)

USGBC: LEED Platinum certification

CTGBC: 2018 Passive House Award of Merit

BPC Green Builders: Description and specifications for the project