Cool new modern home under construction in Ridgefield

In this Ridgefield house, there were two things worth keeping from the existing ranch house that sat on the site: the foundation, which was in good shape, and the incredible views looking towards the sunset (see first photo).

So we are building a new house using the original foundation (shown at lower right in the second photo), and with a wall of glass looking over that view. The homeowners are an artist and a doctor, who want to be able to welcome their grown children home for visits. At the same time, they wanted the main floor of the home to be comfortable for two, so extra space for visiting family was incorporated in the walk-out basement - again, with every room oriented towards that wonderful view.

In the photo below, you can see the centerpiece of the main floor, the open living and dining room area with its lofty 13 foot ceilings. Temporary bracing obstructs the view right now, but when the house is complete, visitors will be able to see clear through the front entry – shown where the ramp is in the photo – all the way through to the glass wall on the west. Also visible below is the massing of the house: created of discrete volumes, each with the same pitch of roof, the shape of the house was designed to maximize the original foundation without appearing over-scaled or bulky.


At this stage, you can see the green Zip-R sheathing, which in the last photo is shown with blue taping at the seams to keep the structure as airtight and energy-efficient as possible. We’ve specified additional insulating materials for a snug envelope – yet to be installed. Also visible in the last photo is the LVL beam at middle right – this will be wrapped in cedar and will support a welcoming pergola at the entrance. As construction continues, the extensive glazing and clean, simple detailing of the house will help this house take its modern shape – check back here for more updates. Meanwhile, you can see more construction progress photos of this project in our In Progress section .