The signs of spring...

The robins are pecking at the ground, the crocus are popping up from the ground – and the backhoes are taking bites out of the ground. At Trillium Architects, that’s how we know spring is finally here.

After an interminable winter, during which our clients patiently (…or impatiently) waited for the ground to thaw, construction can at last begin. Several new projects have been biding their time until the ground is no longer too hard to dig, or too cold for concrete to cure.  Among the projects starting construction are two houses right across the street from one another on the Long Island Sound waterfront community in Stamford, CT, called Dolphin Cove. The first project, is an addition to an existing house. When the project is complete, the homeowners will not only have modernized their home – improving the flow and filling it with natural light , they will have almost double the space from which to enjoy water views and access to their  lovely patio.  Their neighbors across the street are building a new Trillium-designed house from the ground up. It will be a designer’s dream, with an open airy Scandinavian style interior, big kitchen and living space in white wood tones, and a more traditional shingle style exterior.

Construction is also getting underway on Phase 2 of another interesting Trillium project in New Canaan, CT. This house, a two-part addition to an existing main house plus cottage, has a program that speaks to several trends we’re seeing in the way that modern families live. As more and more people aspire to aging in place, this client – a mother and her grown daughter – sought ways to make their spaces function into the future, planning a ramp and chairlift against future mobility issues. Work-at-home spaces have been incorporated for both clients, flooded with natural light. And most importantly, the project involved making connections: two new additions that connect the mother’s main house to the daughter’s cottage, enabling both generations to have their own separate spaces while enhancing their connection to one another.

Check back and learn more about our progress on these Trillium homes - now that the long winter’s wait is over.

Kirsten ~

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