Happy New Year!

Jojo and I have to say that we are glad 2012 is over! It was not a bad year, it is more that for the last 4 years of this horrid recession everyone has been saying 'this will not end until after 2012'. For some reason, I could not believe that. Back in '09 I was sure things would turn around in '10. In the summer of '11 things seemed like they might be turning around for sure! But alas...the recession HAS lasted for 4 years. Especially for all of us in the building industry and for many other creative fields.

2013, for me, represents H O P E  and so far it seems to be working. We have some very exciting jobs just starting or on the horizon. We have two or maybe three Passive Houses in the works. One LEED home and a number of lovely little additions. At this moment we have a super green little modern house under construction on a lake in Ridgefield. And a fresh new office space to work from. 

I wish for all of my friends in the building industry and all of those in other industries that have suffered these four years to have a prosperous, stress free and healthy next 4 years. And great happiness also to all of those who have not suffered. It is time to move forward!