Moved In! - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 8-1-11

Hello Everyone,

Our guys will be working on the accessories and basement this week. Unfortunately, due to a leak in our store’s floor slab, the engineered floor that we had saved from the garage that we thought we might be able to use in the basement, got wet and moldy and is unusable. It was not enough to do the job, but it is unfortunate that it could not be reused. Let me know what you would like to do with the basement floor. If we were to tile it, it would postpone moving contents in. If we can complete the framing, sheetrocking and taping, then we can get your contents in sooner than later.

Cavaliere needs 25 more pieces of the top rail for the tile in the laundry room. Mayson is out of town and Mary Lynn is looking into it for me. Were the tiles purchased at Fordham or Waterworks? As soon as we get them, then he can install them.

The central vac guys will be out to their scheduled day of Wednesday of this week. I am sorry about the confusion, I was not told that they were coming out on Friday, since I had scheduled this Wednesday.

Pur2o will be out on Friday to finish their installation.

The excavator will be out this week to install the apron drain and finish the driveway.

We are waiting on updates for the shower doors and tempered windows.

Anthia, just in case you need extra help you can try to contact our professional organizer friend, her. She is a sweetheart and has a great eye.