Light Bulb Moments - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 7-25-11

Hello Everyone,

The 1st and 2nd floors are almost done!

The painter and tilers were out all weekend.

Jon was out all weekend as well installing baseboard and working on hardware.

The laundry room countertop was installed and is getting polished today.

New Canaan Alarm will be out to install the CO2 alarm tomorrow.

Cliff will be out tomorrow to finish up the plumbing.

Peter will be out tomorrow to work on the 3rd floor wires. He did have a question about bulbs. For LEED we should use either LED or CFLs. To do LED would add about $600 to the job. If you would like to see samples he can get some. The cost for CFLs is comparable to those of incandescents which he was going to install.

The central vac company is scheduled for August 3rd. They may be able to come out earlier if their shipment comes in.

Pur2o is scheduled to come out August 5th.

Dean was let go from B&D which muddles the issue of the Merv 13 filters for the 2nd and 3rd floor. Josh the site technician said that units that are currently installed are too small to accommodate Merv 13, they would have to retrofit the units to make them compatible for Merv 13. It is not as easy as just replacing the filter screen. We had checked repeatedly with them that Merv 13 was going in and kept being told that they were. We will not be able to get the 2 points for the Merv 13 filters. Anthia and Sam, how would you like to proceed with this? I can either hold them to the contract and have the retrofit the system, which will add days to the schedule, or request a credit for failing to abide by their contract. Please let me know so that I can get started on the process tomorrow.