Stress! (Contractor on the DL) - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 7-12-11

Hello Everyone,

This week is another busy one.

The tiler was on site this weekend and will be on site this week.

Dan was trimming out the 3rd floor and will finish that up this week.

The painter was also on site this weekend and will be back out later on this week after the variety of trades are done doing their portions.

Fordham delivered and is installing the kitchen countertops and fireplace surround.

Cliff will be out toward middle of the week to set more fixtures (he is waiting for the tiler to finish up so he can get his portions done).

Peter will be out throughout the week also installing fixtures.

The back patio is getting finished.

The Dutch doors will be ready for delivery tomorrow (the hardware is in, so Jon and Dan will start installing them as soon as they are on site).

The tub will be getting delivered this week.

Tom D. will be onsite installing cabinetry.

During the fabrication of the laundry room countertop, the hole for the sink was cut too long. I have had to reorder the slab, which has shipped out.

For the temporary CO, we need New Canaan Alarm to finish installing the smoke and CO2 detectors (they also need to finish wiring the doors and windows). The soonest I can get them out is Wednesday the 20th. They said if there are any cancellations they will squeeze us in this week. Since Anthia and Sam have the contract with them, maybe if one of you try calling we can get higher up in the schedule.

Jon is still moving a bit slowly due to the mono. He will be on site managing, but probably will not start carpentry work until mid week. I know this may slow things down but he was in bad shape this weekend and we all need him to recover to get he job done right.