Busy! Busy! - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 6-14-11

Hello Everyone,

Another busy week on site!

The propane insert is getting delivered today. Mayson has the specs so he will be templating either at the end of this week or beginning of next. He is still waiting on the marble slabs. We are hoping by Thursday.

The Runtal radiators are getting installed this week.

The handrails for the staircases will be finished by the end of the week.

The LaCanche is getting delivered Wednesday.

The cabinets will be getting dropped off Wednesday as well. The installation will start shortly after.

The front patio will be done by tomorrow, with all of the reclaimed blue stone.

We are waiting on Peter for the electrical service.

The water has been turned on.

The FSC Red Oak floors have all been installed.

We will be digging out the trench for the propane tank. The tank is due for delivery and install on Friday.

Our guys are installing the trim from the backyard tree. The mill worker should be done with the sills this week.

Siding will continue this week and next. Keep your fingers crossed for sunny weather!

The kids rooms and the kid cave are ready for the Lazure artist. We can leave a ladder for her, but please understand that we do not accept any liability if she hurts herself or falls off the ladder. She is still on schedule for Friday?

Anthia, we are doing samples today of the trim paint options and floor stain samples. If they dry in time, I can get them down to you tomorrow. If not, then Thursday.

Barbara and Phyllis, we got the cross sections of the permeable pad. Is that only for the driveway or is it for the patios, too?

If there is a site meeting, Jon can be available for questions, but he will be dealing with quite a few deliveries and subs. Let me know if anyone plans on going down so I can give him the heads up.