Inspections - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 4-4-11

Hello Everyone,

The rough mechanics are finished! The inspection went well today. We have to add some fire blocking in the attic and the inspector wants Aegis Solar and Cyclone to come down and pull their permits (both said they would do it in the AM). He is going to come back out tomorrow afternoon and we should have the OK to start insulating.

Once we get the inspector’s OK, the guys will be insulating the rest of the week. Elizabeth, have you heard anything form the state regarding the vapor barrier? All of the trade mechanics will be on site throughout the week stubbing into the basement and organizing the mechanical room.

The ½ round window is getting delivered on Wednesday and will be installed this week.

We have gotten numbers back for the propane tank, so we do need to determine the size and the location. For location, we think the front yard would be better than the back, that way the Nickerson’s will not have to deal with a propane truck backing down the driveway to fill a tank in the backyard. If we make it accessible in front, they will not have to pull in very far.

I have also found a company in MA that sells seashells specifically for driveways. They are already cleaned and crushed (so no flocks of seagulls surrounding the job site). They are going to get me firm numbers later this week regarding shipping and the availability.

Anthia cannot come to a meeting until later on in the day and Barbara is sick and would like to postpone the LEED info meeting until next week. Can we move the meeting to onsite around 11 instead, that way Anthia can be there and we can talk about the propane tank and change work orders?