LEED Manual - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 3-28-11

Hello Everyone,

We have a very busy week on site, today especially:

The mason is out and finished the foundation veneer yesterday. Today he will be putting the bluestone slabs on the front porch.

The central vac guys are coming out to place the inlets according to the updated drawings Elizabeth sent over. 3 additional inlets were added.

The roofers are out today and taking advantage of the nice weather.

The plumber is out finishing up his roughing.

The electrician is out finishing up his roughing.

The oil tank is getting removed at noon.

We will let everyone know when the inspection is. We have had to do some of the insulating in the attic space so that the mechanics could run their equipment with the insulation at their backs. After inspection, we will insulate the remainder of the house. Elizabeth, can you let me know as soon as you hear from the state official about the OK on no vapor barrier? I will keep Josy updated so that she can schedule herself out to come down and see the site.

Also, as part of LEED we need to do the house manual. A friend of ours is coming to do a video manual that can accompany the booklet. Our plan is to have Jon walk through each room in the rough stage as well as the finished stage, explaining where all of the mechanics run in each room and the finishes used in each room. He will also do a run down in the mechanical room, which will help future mechanics and homeowners. Dave is going to start today so that he can see all of the action.

Anthia and Jon are planning on meeting on Thursday to discuss change work orders. We have grouped them in the following way:


       Upgrade of heating/cooling system

       Upgrade of water purification system

       Additional central vac inlets

2.Interior Work:

       1st floor to 2nd floor staircase modification (due to the climate panels for the heating)

       Tray ceiling in the dining room and playroom

       Crown moulding on the 2nd floor

3.Exterior Hardscape

       Sitting Wall/Retaining Wall

       Upgrade of pavers and parking pad

       Upgrade of the back patio set at a diagonal

       Front patio set at a diagonal

       Belgium Block circle in the front yard

       Belgium block along the driveway

       Replacement of existing fencing

The only additional Change Work Orders that we can foresee is the propane tank and the additional interior tile work. Anthia, if you would like me to be at the meeting, let me know and I can make myself available.

Is a site meeting necessary this week? We are going to have a lot of guys all over the site, so I think it would be safer if we were not. Jon does not have any questions right now. I think we are just waiting on the OK for which type of moulding for the 2nd floor.