Contractor's Notes 3-21-11 - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor’s Notes 3-21-11

Hello Everyone,

For this week we were going to try to get started on the roof, however, our dream may be thwarted by the weather. In the mean time, the guys will work on insulating the knee walls and attic space to accommodate the ducting, installing the last few Eagle windows and doors, removing the appliances from the basement and sheathing the gable side. We would also like to get the few remaining donation items off site this week.

Today, Jennifer Boyd, the EMF expert, was out to give her opinion. Elizabeth, I did not get the attachment from her review, if you do not mind resending it.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the oil tank is getting removed. Pur2o will be out to test the water and make their recommendation for the home.

The tree from the backyard is in the process of being milled. Barbara and Phyllis if you want to stop by and take pictures, let me know. George is a sweetheart and was very accommodating when Anthia and Sam wanted to visit the tree this weekend.

We are shooting for a rough inspection on the 28th. From there we will be sealing where there may be any air infiltration and also insulating. I think it would be best for Rob to come out after we put up the vapor barrier (it is required by the town) to do the blower door test. If any modifications need to be made, we can do it then prior to sheetrocking. Does Josy do a separate blower door test at the very end of the project or would we be responsible for that?

Since Anthia, Elizabeth and Jon got to meet today, it seems as though that can count as the weekly meeting. Jon does not have any questions at the moment. I can always do paperwork with you at another point, Anthia. Plus, it supposed to downpour on Wednesday and we all know how lovely the site is in the mud. If anyone feels anything needs to be discussed, let me know.