Solar Panel Planning - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor's Notes 1-31-11

Hello Everyone,

The roof has been built, sheathed and weather watched. The guys will be working on the roof a bit more this week and then start installing the windows and doors.

Once the building is water tight, then the plumber, electrician and heat contractors can all start their roughing. We are hoping next week, but everything right now is weather dependent.

Now that the cabinet maker has been out to the site, spoke with Anthia and did field measurements, he will now come back to us with his drawings. Once they are reviewed and approved, then he will move to the story boards. From that round of approvals, he will then start constructing the cabinetry.

Sunlight Solar has asked to push today’s meeting until this Friday at 11:00. Anthia would that work for you?

Tomorrow is supposed to be disastrous with snow. Shall we just have the meeting next Wednesday?

Also, Barbara, Phyllis and I reviewed some receipts and LEED paperwork last week. Anthia, would you consider installing 3 feet of tile at each entrance point? It would help with the points and save your wood floors. I have been so thankful that we have 12 sf of tile inside our front door with all of this snow that we have been having, it is definitely helping the rest of the floors. Something to think about.