Azek and Chicks on the Job Site - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor's Notes 2-14-11

Hello Everyone,

For this week the guys will be installing windows and doors all week.

Cliff, the plumber will start his roughing on Thursday. He did say that he will need to know what valves are going in to the shower. Anthia, if you do not have the info he said he could call Dionne.

B&D was awarded the bid for hydronics and cooling. Dean will have his office start the necessary paperwork.

Peter, the electrician, is finalizing his numbers for the contract, when he did his walk through on Friday, there were a few changes from the 9/17 drawings. He is going to draw up a separate change work order for the electrical for B&D.

Tom, the cabinet maker, is starting to do his drawings. Elizabeth, he needs verification on the trim profile. There is a profile in the 9/17 drawings, but due to the various changes, he wanted be certain so that his story boards will be accurate.

For the Wednesday meeting it sounds like all of the ladies will be meeting at Trillium to discuss the LEED checklist. The only question Jon has is if we are not going to use Azek (Anthia saw some examples and did not like the look) what will the fascias and soffits be made out of. Elizabeth and Anthia, we will need this decision sooner than later because they cannot start putting on the roof shingles without doing the fascias first.

We will need a final decision on Hardi colors by the end of this week, regarding the trim and the body of the house.

Anthia and Sam, I will be sending over a change work order later on today. This one will reflect the upgrade in cabinetry, the central vac system and the additional ½ round window.

We have hired a new laborer. Her name is Kirsten and will be starting on the job tomorrow.

As for the zoning issues regarding the CO, the shutters and swing set, I think that we should wait until the end of the job to deal with those. Woody will not need to come out for inspection for awhile. At the end of April, we can assess the July 1 completion date and figure out what he will need to see complete for the CO. The shutters would not go on towards the end of the job anyway, so the next time he comes out for inspection, I can have Jon ask him. It would be most helpful for us if the swing set did not go on site until we are off site.