Details, Details, Details - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor's Notes 2-7-11

Hello Everyone,

This week’s rundown:

The guys are finishing up the rake edges on the roof and are starting to install windows. The house will be water tight next week.

Sunlight Solar was out on Monday and will be getting us a bid this week. They have done LEED projects in the past, but with all of the recent changes they wanted to make sure that if there was anything new regarding solar and solar thermal if we could please let them know. Barbara and Phyllis, is there anything in particular in your manuals?

Josy contacted us and said we can start submitting information regarding the LEED credits to her. I would like to nominate Barbara and Phyllis to head this up as they have both passed their LEED exams and have the manual at their disposal. It seems to make sense to have them as the point people instead of each of us doing random parts.

Both the electrician and plumber will be out at the end of this week to do their walk throughs before they start roughing next week. Peter mentioned that UL-damp proof fixtures is fine if it is not in direct contact with the weather, otherwise you will have to do UL-wet proof. B&D sent some info regarding what they would need Peter to do electrically for their portion of the job, I just forwarded that to him. So hopefully by the end of the week we will have what Peter thinks about the EMFs and the B&D quote.

B&D also sent over some references, they are listed at the bottom of the email.

I spoke with the door distributor yesterday, they said for the exterior doors they would recommend a fiberglass door for energy efficiency and durability. They are still going to get us a quote from the factory to see what it will cost to do the custom Dutch door. 

As for the Hardi, we have generally used the Navajo Beige for trim. I went back and checked the jobs from the past 5 years, we have generally installed Hardi in the yellow, blue, green and gray ranges. I can give you those addresses if you would like to see the different styles, Anthia.

So, are we on for tomorrow on site? Jon would still like some verification about the half round window. So, Elizabeth, even if we do not have the meeting, can you please go there when they are on site to show you where it will land?