S N O W - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor's Notes 1-24-11

Hello Everyone,

For this week:

The guys are working on framing the 3rd floor/attic. The last of the beams is in and they will be sheathing the roof soon. If this weather can cooperate for a few days, they are hoping to get some windows installed at the end of the week.

I assume that there will be a site meeting tomorrow and then -Barbara and Phyllis- I will see you afterward to discuss the refuse/recycling receipts. Stamford Forge is mailing their information, so we should have it by Friday.

We are ordering up the roof underlayments for the very beginning of next week. We will need a decision on the Solaris color by the end of this week.

The cabinet maker’s numbers came back in. We met last night and he went over the drawings and prices with me. I will send those in a separate email. One thing that we do to start moving forward on is hardware. Anthia you had mentioned brushed nickel is the color you would like. We have worked with Canaan Hardware in the past  If you would like to talk to him about styles so that we can gauge pricing.