Steel Beams and Framing - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report



Contractor's Notes 12-13-10

For this week:

Monday- cut back ceiling to accommodate the beam, refuse handling, meet the engineer, demo the entire downstairs, build temp walls

Tuesday- grout the sill, cut footings for the basement beam, install basement LVL, set the sills

Wednesday- frame the floor, get the driveway side built, cut 1st floor joists for steel

Thursday- inspection, steel install, last of the concrete until the spring

Friday- spillover

For Wednesday’s meeting we would like to discuss HVAC, the front staircase, the engineering for the beams and columns, the LEED checklist and Peter can come out to talk about EMF reduction for the electrical.

The salvaged 1.5” insulation for the slab was delivered today.

More of the steel beams will be delivered Wednesday.

The remaining LVLs will be delivered at the end of the week as well. They are all urea-formaldehyde free.

The SIS (structural insulation system) panels will be delivered either this Friday or next Monday.