LEED Intern - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report


Hello Everyone,

A quick rundown for this week:

Monday and Tuesday: finish up adhering the recycled insulation boards to the foundation, some backfill

Wednesday: pour the front porch

Thursday and Friday: backfill along foundation, start setting sill plates and preparing for steel beams

The basement steel beams will be delivered toward the end of this week.

We did source window sill pans that are easily available.

The FSC lumber has been delivered, racked and covered in the backyard.

For the meeting tomorrow, we would like to discuss the direction of electrical and heating. We will need those 2 mechanics sorted out shortly, because once we start framing, we will need them to start their roughing.

Ann, I have revised the timeline and can bring a copy down for you tomorrow.

Barbara, our LEED intern, is available tomorrow as well. She was wondering, Elizabeth, if you could list her on the project, so that she can access all of the points and paperwork. Or should I direct her to Josy Taylor?