Starting to Build - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor's notes 11-1-10

Hello Everyone,

A rundown for this week:

M- build footings from recycled jobsite waste wood

T- footing inspection

W- footings

Th- pour footings

F- build foundation walls from recycled jobsite waste wood 

Would it be possible for you to contact the surveyor to come out on Friday to put a nail in the footings? We will be working on the foundation walls all next week.

We received the window quote and are verifying the information, we will place the deposit by Wednesday.

We have contacted 3 vermiculite remediation companies for the attic. We are waiting on estimates and will contact you when we have all three.

Elizabeth, the guys will be out on site all week. They have a couple of questions about elevations and the direction of the floor joists in reference to the new drawings. Would you be able to meet them on site to answer their questions? It should not take long. They take a break around 10:30 and then lunch at 12:30.