Thanksgiving - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor's Notes 11-22-10

Hello Everyone,

A quick update for this week:

The guys will finish the forms today, Wednesday, and are having the concrete truck come out on Tuesday to pour. Once the foundation is poured, you will see much progress.

Since the concrete truck is coming on Tuesday, we would like to hold off until spring for the wall. I am sorry for the stress we may have caused in trying to get it done now, we thought that if it were straight forward enough we could pour everything now. It seems like there may have to be a shift in the wall from the driveway that would effect the arch, so we will visit that at a later date. For now we would like to focus on the foundation and getting the walls up.

The recycled insulation for the foundation walls will be delivered next week as well as the FSC framing. We were planning on storing the framing inside the house, that way it will be dry and off the ground.

There is also more excavation work going on there today.

I will check back in on Monday, and will see you out at the site on Wednesday.

Have a great Thanksgiving