LEED Checklist- Getting Down to Details - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

Contractor's Notes 11-15-10

Hello All,

A rundown for this week:

Monday through Wednesday the guys will be getting the foundation walls built and poured

Thursday and Friday the excavator will be back on site moving around earth

Jon has called both the engineer and Loretta about drainage. The engineer said they were going to go back to the drawings to address the footings and sump pumps and will contact us shortly.

Loretta said she can get the drawings to us shortly for the back yard. Jon gave her a Thursday deadline.

The insulation for the foundation walls has been ordered. They are recycled from factories that were getting torn down and coming from MA.

The lumber order has also been placed. All pressure treated lumber is ACQ, all nominal lumber is FSC and all plywood is FSC mixed sources. We are planning on storing it in the house so that it will not get wet or in the way. 

We do have a LEED intern who is working with us to handle all of the paperwork (she also happens to be the client whose project we completed before yours). We spoke about the photo documentation for LEED, which she has already started. She can come out once a week and was interested in coming out when we hold our weekly meetings. I wanted to make sure that everyone is comfortable with that.

Elizabeth, I got the basement stair drawings and will pass that on to Ian and Jon.



LEED Checklist- Getting the Details Pinned Down.

While Demolition is still going on we meet in our office to go through the LEED checklist adn try to decide - for sure- some of the details that are outstanding. Generally our meetings are with the owner and the wife of teh contractor team and maybe the landscape designer or an appropriate engineer or installer.