'Contractor's Notes' Begin - LEED Platinum Home Progress Report

The Contractors have started making Weekly Notes on Mondays so we will know what to expect of them in the coming week. I will copy them here throughout the Blog and then make commentary on them as appropriate and post it all on Friday of each week.

All notes are origianally written by Erin- the wife of the contractor team. (See the Cast of Characters entry to get the who's who)

Contractor's Notes 10-25-10

Hello Everyone,

What to expect this week:

Monday- both additions are down, back footing is being dug

Tuesday and Wednesday- side excavation and refuse removal

Thursday- demo

Friday- demo

Who is in charge of contacting the surveyor? We need him/her out on Thursday, so that we can construct footings and seek inspection the following week.

Also, what is the position on the radiant heat? If you are interested, we would need to know sooner rather than later because it does effect the elevations.