International Award! ~ 2016 Green Solutions Award, 3rd Place, Construction 21, Taft Faculty House

The Construction 21 Green Solutions Awards highlight exemplary buildings, districts and infrastructures contributing to the fight against climate change. We were honored to receive this award in Marrakech, Morocco during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22).   During COP22 all countries were tasked with implementing the Paris 2015 agreement. During the Convention, President Trump was elected and hopes were dashed, however, after a period of mourning spirits were rallied and everyone vowed to double down, work harder and make sure that our goals would be met. To read more please see the COP22 website below as well as my blog on this site.

We were also very proud to accept this International Award and to be the only Architectural firm representing America! Construction 21 is an International Organization started in France that  works to promote sustainable building around the world. We are currently working on making the USA an official member of Construction 21. If you would like to be involved please contact me through the Trillium website.

construction 21 map.jpg