Traditional New LEED Gold Home in Rowayton, CT  

This LEED Gold certified home won the CT Green Building Council Residential Award of Merit, 2013. The client and project team shared a goal to create a beautiful, well-crafted, and extremely sustainable home. Oriented to capture pond and stream views, the interior is flexibly laid out for entertaining, while feeling intimate for a family of four. 


  • Blower door test: 1.0 ACH @ 50 pa
  • Ground-source heat pump HVAC system
  • HERS Score: 48
  • Super-insulated and air-sealed envelope  
  • All LED lights; all EnergyStar appliances
  • FSC-certified wood throughout
  • Automated, remote-controlled lighting, heating/cooling, security
  • High-efficiency fireplace for back-up heating
  • Ceiling fans reduce need for air conditioning
  • Rainwater collection system feeds the irrigation system
  • All no- or low-VOC finishes
  • Indigenous landscaping
  • Water-saving fixtures
  • Project Size: 3,548 sq.ft.

Builder: BPC Green Builders

Articles, Awards, and Certifications

CT Green Building Council: LEED Gold certification and Residential Award of Merit, 2013

BPC Green Builders: Description and specifications for the project