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 The South-West corner of the house.  The flat roof is framed.  They are working on the gable.  The stone veneer is all but done.  Next week windows go in.
 The red barn was built first.  The 15kW PV Solar array keeps the whole place "off the grid".  There is battery storage in the barn.  Electricity feeds the house (the left-behind the yellow bulldozer) You can see the second (animal) barn in the far distance.  The Property has 16 acres.  It will be a home to Alpacas chickens and bees for starters.  All of the water collected from the house feeds underground to this pond which will serve as a watering hole for animals.
 This is a wood fired furnace. It lives out side and provides hot air to the greenhouse and possibly the house via underground pipes (you can see them at the bottom of the unit- bright green).  The supply to the house will not be connected yet. We will wait and see if the house needs it. We think the house will be so efficient that it will not need it.  The Furnace also heats the hot water.  Meanwhile the main house will be heated by a wood stove inside the house(which also serves as the only cooking stove.)
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 Redesign value engineered out to gable roof
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 Insulated concrete walls being constructed.
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