Doing it Right

What do we mean by ‘doing it right’? We're determined to design homes that are as practical, comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy to live in as possible based on the following choices:

  1. Size of the House: We believe smaller, well designed and detailed homes are more useful, enjoyable and efficient than bigger, lower quality homes. We look at your existing home as an ‘opportunity’ not necessarily as a tear down. (Although sometimes tear down is the best answer). When building new homes or adding on we design toward optimal efficiency and enjoyment.
  2. Orientation of the House: We believe in siting the house for optimal passive solar orientation and for suitability with your land.
  3. The Envelope: We believe in a very well detailed, very well insulated building envelope (the walls, roof and foundation and windows ). If you build it right you will spend a lot less money heating and cooling your home, you will minimize the opportunity for mold, mildew, rodents, dust mites, etc. AND the house will last longer with less maintenance.
  4. The Heating and Cooling Systems:  We believe that every home owner should have a comfortable, easy to use, low cost way to control their living environment. Whether you are heating and cooling your house with oil, gas, electricity or an alternative source (such as photovoltaics, solar panels, geothermal, stoves, etc.) we are practiced in integrating the most efficient system or combination of systems to fit your needs, budget or lifestyle. We know the products and the people to install them. We know the pro’s and cons of each and their impact on your lifestyle.
  5. The Appliances, Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures: We believe in using quality products that reduce your energy use and that impact the environment as minimally as possible while still allowing you to enjoy the modern conveniences that we are all familiar with. We have years of experience specifying energy efficient green equipment and fixtures.
  6. The Finishes: We believe in using environmentally friendly finishes and furnishings that are good for the earth and good for you. We know which products are durable and high quality and not just a fad. We know how to use or apply certain products so that they last and work for you. We know alternative sources to get the latest green products.